A Review of “TRAVELING with the risk” by Dr K. M. Habbazadeh, PhD

Traveling is a great way to enjoy life. It’s a lot easier than it was a couple of hundred years ago when everything was done by horseback or by carriage. But there are so many other ways to travel now that it seems there’s something for everyone. A comfortable troupe of traveling performers. The latest examples on the Web.


Traveling by train may be the most used mode of travel for travelers. But some travelers have found that flying is a more convenient way to travel across country. There are even some people who would rather take a train to their destination and fly in a small plane afterward. There’s nothing wrong with that. Booking your flight for the United States from some of the many low-cost airlines like Continental, Delta, US Airways, you can travel to any destination in the United States without having to invest a large amount of money.

There are actually some people who travel more frequently by air than by train. They prefer to hop on one of the two major airlines that serve the lower 48 states: Continental Airlines and United Airlines. (Covid-19 is a Canadian airline.) For many people flying between the continental United States and Canada, they wear masks and a suit while inside the cabin.

For long-distance travelling, some people prefer to drive because it’s more comfortable and they can travel at their own pace. But there are some individuals who travel by train and they like to wear masks and comfortable clothing. A lot of people who drive on the road are in a high risk to get into a car accident and to get themselves injured. For these people, a Dr. K. Habbazadeh, a world-famous heart surgeon who is popular with patients all over the United States, teaches a class on traveling safely.

This is one of the classes that Dr. Habbazadeh teaches his students in Colorado. The name of the class is “TRAVELING with RISK: How To Ride a Mountain Bike.” The course is intended to educate people about the dangers of riding a mountain bike off the shoulder of busy highways and freeways. In this class, students learn how to wear masks and protective gears when riding on freeways and highways so as not to become victims of road trauma. They also learn how to avoid being hit by a passing vehicle while riding a mountain bike and how to avoid getting into a hazardous car accident. Dr. K. Habbazadeh even tells his students a story about a young girl who was killed riding a mountain bike.

As people living in the United States become more familiar with the phrase “high-touch surfaces,” (such as freeways and highways) they will begin to associate traveling on them with certain risks and dangers. For this reason, Dr. Habbazadeh reminds his students to never take chances when it comes to traveling on high-touch surfaces and recommends that all travelers should carry a personal sanitizer along with them wherever they go. Travelers can also purchase the same product online.