Read Posts on a LIFESTYLE Blog


Read Posts on a LIFESTYLE Blog

The concept of LIFESTYLE was first introduced by Austrian psychiatrist and psychologist Alfred Adler in his classic book, The Case of Miss R. With the word “erie” derived from the French, meaning “sleep” (from a Latin origin, “ear”), the meaning of the term has changed slightly over time. The original meaning of the term, according to some, was “the stage of life in which dreams and fantasies take shape”. The modern usage of the term is most often used in a non-clinical setting to describe the state of mental stability in individuals after a major life event or experience.

For example, many bloggers describe their lifestyle as “Lifestyle, Frugality, Love & Relationships”. In some ways this seems quite paradoxical: what is the root or core of all these things that people do in their blogs? Is it simply that these things are what people describe as their Lifestyle? Or could it be that these are merely a part of the various layers of life that are described by blogs about lifestyle.

An individual’s behavior is not limited to how they behave in social situations. The way that they think about themselves, their background, and their surroundings, their opinions, their values, their habits, their thoughts, their emotions, their eating patterns, their relationships, are also just as much a part of who they are as is their occupation, their housing, their education, their job, their friends, their leisure time, their hobby, and so on. Just because you “care” about something does not make it Lifestyle, just as being “athletic” does not make it Sportive. Everyone has a particular Lifestyle that is uniquely them. There is no such thing as the Lifestyle of anyone else.

So why should it matter what your Lifestyle is if you want to live a healthy life? Well, for one thing, there are certain behaviors or habits that are considered to be Lifestyle, and then there are Lifestyle changes. People with a more active lifestyle tend to live longer than those who live an inactive lifestyle. Those who are committed to a healthy diet live longer than those who choose a healthy lifestyle but don’t pay attention to their exercise habits.

A healthy Lifestyle is one that includes exercise, a healthy diet, a regular sleep schedule, and social interaction. Lifestyle changes are those that tend to result in a healthier Lifestyle and those that tend to result in losing weight. So the person who wants to lose weight should first consider changing their Lifestyle, while those who want to exercise should consider changing their Lifestyle (e.g. adding a treadmill to their home).

But the biggest issue that people have when they read posts on a LIFESTYLE blog is whether or not they can be classified as a Lifestyle, and/or what they’d have to do to fit into the “active” category on their tax forms. People have all kinds of theories about what the word Lifestyle means, and which aspects of it they want to incorporate into their lives. The most common theory is that Lifestyles are simply habits, while tax forms are just the written record of what kind of lifestyle someone has chosen. While this is true, the term Lifestyle still captures the essence of what makes someone different from everyone else and while changing one’s lifestyle is important to some, chasing foxes is not.