Traveling by Car and Motor Coach

Travel is basically the movement of individuals between various different geographical locations. Travel can be done by car, bike, foot, train, plane, bus, boat or any other mode, with or without personal luggage, and is usually one-way or round trip. It is a mode of travel that is easy to get around since there are numerous ways to travel. Individuals can choose to drive, take a bus or train, hop on a plane, or walk. The options are many for travel, but the goal is to arrive safely and on time.


One form of travel is called HAVA, which means “high risk experience.” This type of traveling can take place in almost any location where safety is at risk, such as, deserts, bridges, mountain trails, icy mountains, high risk cities, graveyards, etc. Some of the destinations for this type of traveling include: Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula, India and the Himalayas, Kenya and Tanzania, Russia, Pakistan and the southwest border of Afghanistan, Iran and the Caspian Sea, Mongolia and China, Philippines and South East Asia, Turkey and Gaz Gaziosnia, Africa and the Great Lakes, Central Asia, Europe and Turkey, North America and the Canadian Wilderness, South America and Easter Island, Australia and New Zealand, the Andes and Patagonia, Central Asia and China, Japan, Australia and the Pacific, Norway and the Arctic Circle, South Pacific and Oceania, Central Africa, Arabia and the Seychelles, Sahara and Morocco, Europe and Turkey, the Gulf of Mexico and the Persian Gulf. There are many others. Some destinations offer travelers an even tougher challenge – rugged terrains and dangerous beaches.

Another form of travel is called HIGH TRACTION TRIP, which means “High Danger Trip.” Some destinations that fall under this category are: Afghanistan and the mountains, Iran and the Persian Gulf, Northern India, Kashmir, Nepal, Pakistan, the western tip of South America, the Andes, the Atlantic, etc. Again, some of these destinations may be dangerous. A high-traffic area to travel in is the Himalayan region. It’s a great idea to have a travel agent or an experienced au pair with you when taking a high-traffic trek. A Himalayan au pair makes it possible for you to rent an apartment, house, villa or resort room while you’re on the trek.

One type of trekking that many people enjoy doing, and that is Hiking. It’s one of the oldest forms of traveling, and it still continues today in certain parts of the world. Commonly, hikers will travel in packs, wear long pants, long sleeves, heavy boots and light shoes, and carry lots of supplies for food, water, etc. They should never go above six feet in height or weight. This increases their chances of encountering dangerous situations.

One way to avoid running into any sort of problem while traveling on foot is by having your own set of walking shoes, called a travel Bugaboo. These travel Bugaboo hiking shoes were specifically designed for walking long distances, even up to seven miles! You can use them for any type of road walking, whether on dirt roads or smooth ones, and they will provide you with the comfort and support you need while traveling. They also have a well-designed protective ankle collar to prevent any nasty falls. These shoes are available at most shoe stores, both online and locally.

If you are traveling to areas where you might run into a little trouble, such as a high-speed vehicle, then you might want to consider renting a motor coach. These motor coaches are usually referred to as RVs, or Recreational Vehicles. Motor coaches are available in both Class A and B; the Class A having more amenities and space than the B. Some of the features available in Class A motor coaches include air conditioning (if you need it), television (if you want to watch movies or catch up on your favorite show), and telephone (so you can call someone for help).