Traveling In Major Cities And International Locations

Travelling is the act of moving from a fixed location to another. Travelling can either be one way, or multi-way, with or without baggage, and generally is one way, or round trip, within a fixed time period. The word ‘travelling’ was first used in 17 77 by Richard Francis Burton who used it in his book Travelling. Travelling is done through several modes such as air, sea, land, railway, boat and bicycle. Air travelling is generally by scheduled airline services whereas land transport is mostly on a one-way basis.


Traveling, for any defined distance, is a mode of travel that puts the traveler at ease and enables him to get his work done. Traveling enables a person to meet new people, to see new places, and to establish or expand his communication network. Travelling can also mean going for pleasure, business or for studying. Traveling is often a major part of our social life and helps us to meet new people, to establish communication networks and to enjoy the new place we are visiting. Thus, traveling makes our social life richer.

If one travels from one place to another, he calls it a journey. Journey can also be made to mean crossing one point and proceeding to another. Thus, a journey is a process of traveling from one place to another over a specific distance in time. Road, rail and airways are the common modes of traveling in most parts of the world.

Short Distance – A short distance is a defined distance that is traveled within a day to two weeks. Commonly, short distance means a two days travel from one place to another. So, if the journey is made by car, then the two words traveling together ‘car’ and’short distance’ are used. Similarly, if by train, then ‘train’ and’short distance’ are used.

Preferred Spellings – In American English, traveling is spelled as “the trip” or “journeys”. In British English, the preferred spelling is more suitable for most travelers and visitors. Therefore, when someone says, “I am traveling on a vacation”, in British English, the word “vacation” is more appropriate than “trip”. American English is commonly followed due to its close connection with the words “journeys” and “trip”. Hence, “journeys” and “trip” are commonly used for traveling.

In many countries across the world, a short route or circuit is considered to be the best form of traveling. This is because this form of traveling saves the traveler time, money and the environmental resources that would be spent if the traveler traveled through long routes. Therefore, short routes or circuits are the preferred spelling when referring to a certain country or area. When traveling through a country or area with another language, the preferred spelling is of course the one that is closer to the actual spelling in the local language. Most tourists are well aware of the local language when traveling to foreign countries. For instance, while in Italy a traveler would expect to encounter the word “italy” in their travel guide, if they did not know what the word “italy” was then they could ask locals and they will most likely provide them the correct word or term “italy” in their language.