LIFESTYLE is the most comprehensive and in depth look at how to achieve happiness in a world where it is hard to find true happiness. The concept of LIFESTYLE is rooted in the work of German psychologist and clinical psychiatrist Joachim Mladenoff. The term was derived from the word Lager, which in German means light and a synonym for fun. In his famous article, The Case of Miss R, Dr. Adler defined the concept further, adding the important qualification of a happy medium.


LIFESTYLE is an ideology, not a specific practice. In many ways, LIFESTYLE resembles the belief that people have power and influence over their own destiny – power and influence that can be used for good or for evil. According to Joachim Mladenoff, the philosophy of LIFESTYLE is based on the fact that, to attain real, lasting happiness, we must first create a healthy set of habits or attitudes. The beliefs and behaviors that we hold about ourselves, our relationships, our social status in society, and even about the things like cars and sneakers are all part of our personal Lifestyle.

In the case of LIFESTYLE, we could define the ideology as being comprised of three elements: a healthy Lifestyle, healthy attitudes and behaviors, and a few necessary accessories (e.g. good health, a steady income, sufficient wisdom, sufficient social status, a clean environment, etc.). There is also an optional fourth element: creativity, motivation, and energy. Each element is self-explanatory.

A healthy Lifestyle implies a balanced diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, whole dairy products, and a moderate amount of alcohol (one glass of red wine or less per week). A healthy Lifestyle implies a regular exercise program, a reasonable level of smoking (only one cigarette per day), and consuming enough sleep. In addition, it means avoiding any substance abuse, such as excessive smoking or drinking, and other bad habits (e.g., over-eating, compulsive gambling, internet addiction, etc.). A LIFESTYLE approach also requires making some dietary and lifestyle changes, such as giving up harmful substances, stopping the cycle of unhealthy shopping and gambling, quitting poor eating habits, changing one’s work or school schedule to more healthy hours, and so on.

The basic premise of LIFESTYLE, according to the original text by Norman Vincent Peale, is “live life so that your choices produce happiness.” Although the original text does not explicitly say that one must become a vegetarian or a vegan, it seems to imply that these are necessary lifestyle content to achieve happiness. It is therefore hard to argue with the premise, whether in theory or practice, of using LIFESTYLE as a tool to live a healthier and happier life.

LIFESTYLE is a great motivational tool that provides an interesting contrast to a solitary life. When living a healthier and active lifestyle, as suggested by LIFESTYLE, you have the opportunity to learn more about yourself and others. You also have a chance to improve upon aspects of your life that are unhealthy or negative. This type of learning makes your healthier and active lifestyle choices stick. LIFESTYLE is not just another fad diet; however, it is much more than that and should be considered as a useful tool to create a healthy and active lifestyle through the use of LIFESTYLE.