Why Should We Take Vacation?


Why Should We Take Vacation?

A vacation is any leave of absence from an existing regular job, either on public holidays, or any other time-period specified for the purpose of leisure or recreation. Generally people spend a vacation with family or friends. The term vacation is generally used to describe a period of time when a person is away from work. A vacation can also be a week-long vacation tour, an extended holiday, a weekend retreat or an extended holiday. In United States, the words vacation and holiday refer to a time period ending with the Fourth Sunday of the Holiday Season or the winter solstice.

Generally most employees enjoy their vacations and some or most of them even look forward to returning to their jobs soon after they return from their vacations. However, a considerable number of employees feel that their vacations do not compensate for the lost of their salaries. A fair proportion of these people also feel that they are being forced to take a vacation, as they are not given time off work, for the special purpose. In most cases, employers cannot afford to give regular days off. Hence, many employees take vacation days of their own, at their own discretion and at their own free will.

Many employees in United States feel that they are treated unfairly when an employer asks them to take a vacation rather than providing them with paid time off. They feel that they have given their whole lives to the company and are entitled to a certain amount of time off from working. Many companies offer vacation leave but it is quite expensive. In addition to this, there are some cases where the employee has to purchase holiday vouchers before he or she can claim the leave.

Vacation is one time to relax and be happy. It is the best way to spend one’s free time. It also helps an individual to bond with his loved ones. Moreover, when employees take vacations they do not miss out on work. There are many who miss their workplace even for just a day. If an employee has to take a vacation leave, he/she gets the same pay as he/she would have got if he/she had remained employed.

Vacation is a much sought after holiday all over the world. You can get yourself a wonderful get away by taking time off from your routine life and going on a vacation. This gives you time to relax, enjoy and unwind. Furthermore, by doing so, you ensure that you spend quality time with your family. In the long run, your family gets time to grow together, and this strengthens the bonds between the family members.

If you are a working class person who has a family, and whom you want to spend time with, then you should opt for a paid time off. If by any chance, you are a working individual who wants to take away some time from his/her work schedule in order to go for a vacation, then you can opt for a VACATION. The terms and conditions of a paid vacation are quite different from the ones offered by the term vacation. Many individuals who take paid holidays to different places like to visit their relatives and in doing so they miss out on working. A holiday does not allow you to miss your job, but a vacation gives you the time off your schedule.