TRAVELING – What is Traveling?


TRAVELING – What is Traveling?

Traveling is the general movement of humans between different geographic locations. Travel can be undertaken by foot, bike, car, train, plane, boat, bus or other modes, with or without personal luggage, and is one way orround trip. A typical journey might include visiting a capital city to see the sights; then moving on to another city to enjoy the countryside. People generally move from one place to another in search of a particular activity or experience. When people travel, they usually do so from either an urban centre to a rural town, from a city to a mountain village, from a city to a city, etc. .

Traveling in this manner has many advantages, which we shall look at now. First of all, you save money by not having to take three separate taxis or buses to get from A to B. When you are traveling by foot or bike, you are likely to find the surroundings much more interesting than if you had been traveling by public transport. If you are interested in history or culture, you can spend a lot of time travelling from city to city, looking at historical monuments and museums, or taking part in the local traditions and folk festivals. If you are taking part in any recreational activity, such as water sports, biking or hiking, you will find that you are much less likely to get tired since there are so many things to do.

If you are only going for a short vacation, such as visiting friends or a colleague, it is much easier to travel in this way. You will find that you spend less money because you don’t have to spend on eating out constantly, and you will also find that you have more time available to spend doing whatever you want. If you like to shop, you can stop at a local shop and buy something to take back to your hotel room, or you could do a little bit of both. For example, if you wanted to go shopping and then get some exercise in at the same time, you could take the train, bus or cab to get from one place to another. It is certainly easier than traveling in a group of hundreds or thousands of other people who all have the same idea of what to do.

Even if you are traveling for only a short while, it is still important to follow the general traveling rules because it can make your trip enjoyable and also ensure that you arrive on time. One thing that many people don’t think about when they are traveling is taking the stairs whenever possible. If you don’t take the stairs when traveling short distances, you could find that you are literally dashing down the stairs instead of taking the shortest possible path, which could take up to three extra minutes.

Of course, traveling in a group of hundreds, or even thousands of other people can be much more exciting than traveling alone. If you are traveling to a new place and don’t know anybody there, you can easily take part in a basketball game, or at least take a quick break from the traveling festivities to catch up on the news. If you do play an official basketball game, the official scorekeeper usually records everything that happens during the match, including the travel points. If you travel to a new place on your own, you might be able to forget about the game, but you can bet that your friends will be watching intently, waiting for the final consonant between two teams.

As you can see, being a good sportsmanship begins with traveling in a group. The larger the group, the more opportunities for team-building activities. Remember, you don’t always have to win the game to be a good sportsmanship team member. You just need to play good basketball!